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A GUIDE TO VISITING CAMEROON - Première partie: Douala
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 (part one: The city of Douala)

Africa is a very rich and diversified continent with many interesting touristic sites that account for the recent surge in touristic activities. Cameroon, also known as Africa in miniature is located at what is generally called the armpit of Africa. In this article, we will focus on providing some directions / guidance for visitors to Cameroon. This article will also outline a list of things to do, and answer will be provided to questions such as:

-       Which city to visit?

-       What are the features or areas of interest within these cities?

-       Transportation services.

-       Security services

-       Where to search for daily needs such as hotel rooms, car rental, houses for rent andother services including local transportation.



Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The first point of attraction for any tourist would be major cities like Douala, Limbe, and Kribe. This is due to their proximity to the ocean and hence, their fantastic sandy beach. However, there are other beautify cities that all tourist to Cameroon should visit so as to have a more complete and comprehensive perspective of this rich multicultural and diversified country.  Visiting the following cities is recommended;


Douala is the economic capital of Cameroon and has the busiest seaport in the country. It is the head quarter and the manufacturing zone for many organization as they try to stay closer to raw material. Hence, Douala is the perfect place for any tourist to buy a vehicle that will serve for transportation throughout the trip. It is also the right place to sell the vehicle at the end of their trip. However, to quickly shop online and other belongings, we do recommend posting them in advance on free classified Ad websites.


There are several attractive places to visit in Douala. Some of them include:

-       The New Freedom (La Nouvelle Liberté)



-       This is a monument built from recycled local material and contributes to the cities effort toward environmental sustainability. At a height of 12 meters, the monument could be seen at a distance and can be used by tourist as a point of reference.




-       The Provincial Museum of Douala (Le Musée Provincial de Douala)


This is an excellent place to visit in Douala. Though small compared to other museums in the country, the provincial museum of Douala features an exhibition of interesting crafts and arts.


-       The Douala Edéa Wildlife Reserve



This is an excellent place for those who like to be in the wild. This reserve features several animals to include, elephants, crocodiles, sea turtles. Including a diverse species of birds.



The are several hotels in Douala that offer services within a wide price range. Anyone visiting Cameroon should be able to get a place that match their budget. However, several aspects need to be taken into consideration when selecting a hotel. This include things like security and accessibility. Some of the major hotels in Douala include: "

-       Hôtel Résidence La Falaise

4-star hotel with bar, near Port of Douala

 Free parking • Free WiFi • Free airport shuttle • Restaurant • Fitness center

-       Ibis Douala

3-star hotel with outdoor pool, near Port of Douala

Free breakfast • Free parking • Free WiFi • Free airport shuttle • Comfy beds

-       Star Land Hotel

4-star hotel with 2 bars, near Port of Douala

 Free parking • Free WiFi • Free airport shuttle • 2 restaurants • Central location

-       Hotel Akwa Palace

4-star hotel with 2 bars, near Port of Douala

 Free parking • Free WiFi • Free airport shuttle • 3 restaurants • Attentive staff

-       Hôtel SAWA

4-star hotel with outdoor pool, near Port of Douala

 Free parking • Free WiFi • Free airport shuttle • Restaurant • Attentive staff”


There are hundreds of Hotel in Douala. Reservation could be made on sites like visitors could search for available rooms on free  classified ad sites like www.kijoki.comand then contact the hotel by phone to make their reservation.


see you on part two of these article as we visit the city of Kribe


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